12 Nov 2007

Engaging your audience in Social Media - Blogs, wikis and podcasts explained

CAN Outreach

Social media is a term used to describe collaborative, online web technologies. These most commonly recognised of these are blogs, podcasts and wikis, however sites and networks such as facebook (social networking), flickr (image sharing), youtube (video sharing), myspace (social networking) and del.icio.us (social bookmarking) are also part of this kind of collaborative activity.

The main feature which distinguishes social media from more traditional websites is the ability to create dialogues which actively engage the audience in a self publishing environment.

The best place to learn about these web technologies is the web itself. For a great picture of how and why museums and cultural organisations might use social media, start with the "Planning Social Media" presentation by Angelina Russo, Seb Chan, Jerry Watkins.

Explore the links here, find some more of your own, and then get started!

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