22 Jun 2005

Ask First: a guide to respecting Indigenous heritage places and values

This publication focuses on allowing the relevant Indigenous people to determine the significance of places in accordance with their culture before moving to achieving agreements between parties on how places and heritage values should be managed.

Planning and development decisions can unwittingly affect the values of Indigenous heritage places. Sometimes this is because those making the decisions perceive Indigenous heritage issues as complex and find them difficult to discuss with Indigenous communities. Over the last quarter of a century, the Australian Heritage Council(previously the Australian Heritage Commission) has worked to increase people's understanding about Indigenous heritage places and their conservation.

Ask First: A guide to respecting Indigenous heritage places and values provides a practical guide for land developers, land users and managers, cultural heritage professionals and many others who may have an impact on Indigenous heritage. The title - Ask First - is the message of this book; that consultation and negotiation with Indigenous stakeholders is the best means of addressing Indigenous heritage issues. It is also the first, and simplest step that people need to take, and that is to put the subject on the agenda.


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