30 Apr 2009

Greta Coal Measures

The Greta Coal Measures are a permian (245 million year old) coal bed located in the state of New South Wales on the east coast of the continent of Australia. The Greta Coal Measures have been one of the most intensely worked coal-fields in the country. Yet most people today associate the region around Maitland, Cessnock and Greta with wine-making rather than coal production, as the collieries have all but disappeared.

John Delaney has assembled a unique manuscript which describes in minute detail the work, the people and the society of each of the sixty-six collieries that operated on the Greta Coal Measures between 1861 and 1995. Individual mine histories are complemented, where possible, with historic images and plans that show the layout of each mine at its time of closure.

The information contained within this presentation will be of considerable interest to both the casual and serious researcher as well as representatives from the coal industry.

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