30 Apr 2009


War in Broken Hill

This website describes how two Turks attacked a picnic train in Broken Hill, NSW during World War I.

The story starts:

On January 1st 1915 the Manchester Unity Order of Oldfellows had planned to hold its annual New Years day picnic. A picnic train pulled out of Broken Hill's Sulphide Street station at 10am carrying 1200 men, women and children travelling in 40 open trucks fitted with wooden seats.

About two miles out of Broken Hill, an ice cream cart flying a Turkish flag was noticed by those on the train. It was on the northern side of the line close to the railway fence and two men, later identified as Gool Mohamed and Mulla Abdulla, lay in a trench beside the track within 30 yards of the passing train. They began firing as the train drew level with them The firing continued as the train passed with 20 or 30 shots being fired in total.

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