10 Nov 2011

National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries

National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries - Version 1.2 November 2011

The National Standards Taskforce has developed the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries in consultation with the museum and gallery sector and with reference to current industry practices, existing resources, and museum development and accreditation programs. They are designed to be an accessible tool for museums and galleries nationwide.

The Standards are structured in three parts:

• Part A: Managing the Museum
• Part B: Involving People
• Part C: Developing a Significant Collection

Nine guiding Principles are each articulated through a series of Standards and Benchmarks, with corresponding Tips and Resources/references provided for further information.

Museums and galleries operate in different ways and in different settings, with varying levels of resources. It is understood that organisations will use or address the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries to suit their needs.

There is no plan to deliver the Standards through a national accreditation scheme, or to monitor their use at a national level. They have already been incorporated into several state-based museum development and accreditation programs, and it is envisaged that in the future, they will also be used by networks of like-minded museums, as well as by individual organisations.

The National Standards Taskforce will continually review this document so that it remains relevant to the needs of Australian museums and galleries.

Collecting organisations of all kinds are invited to use the National Standards framework as a practical point of reference, and are encouraged to continue providing feedback, contributing their insights, and reporting on their experiences, as the Standards continue to be developed.

A PDF of the the latest version 1.2 may be obtained from the Downloads section below.


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