Australian-Greek Resource and Learning Centre, RMIT

The Centre’s focus is to promote Greek education language, culture and history within the Greek and wider Australian and International community. It also contributes to the teaching of learning programs through developing, collating and accessing teaching and educational resources. The centre acts as a reference of the Greek community by making resources available to the public and supporting research of the Diasporic Hellenism in its global dimensions.

* Teaching and learning in Greek language and culture (taking into account modern aspects of the culture),

* Collection and collation of historical and cultural books, documents and artifacts to support educational programs in RMIT and in schools and the community, and as the basis for a contribution to the development of an archive of Greek Australian culture

* Educational programs for Greek -Australian students, teachers and parents as well as the broader Australian public on language and cultural related issues

* Research on Greek -Australian communities and experiences in the context of the transnational Greek Diaspora and globalisation


Items in the collection include monographs, periodicals and audiovisual resources.

In addition the centre maintains a major collection (more than 1,000 files) of materials relating to the history, press, culture and literature of Greeks in Australia. The aim is to teach, research and experience the history of the Greeks in Australia and place it within the multicultural setting.

The Centre's collection of material includes:

* Books that were written in Australia from 1916 until the present time

* Newspapers and magazines, from 1913 until the present time

* The Salapatas Brothers Collection

* the Raftopoulos Collection

* Audio-visual material

* Photographic collections

* Australian Archive files

* Oral history files and documents

* Files pertaining to immigration and settlement

- original documents

- photographs

- periodicals and

- videos