Ben Cropp Shipwreck Museum

Housed in the Pier Marketplace, the museum contains a large collection of historic shipwreck relics from many ships, including relics of the famous "Pandora"; relics from Cook's "Endeavour"; and continuous films of Ben Cropp's adventures.


Estimate over 1,000 items. Historical relics from shipwrecks on the North Eastern Australian coast. Maritime diving displays, undersea simulation, Ben Cropp's Wild Australia series videos run continuously. Relics and displays related to shipwrecks of Yongala, Pandora, Purpoise, Cambus Wallace, Aahrus, Eastern Argosy, Sun, Titanic, Batavia, Zeeyk. The display also incorporates information on pearling, details of the 1899 cyclone disaster, divers helmet, hand air pump, and a dinghy from the lugger 'Kailag', as well as anecdotal information from the early 1900's.