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Quilt number:


Quilt Image No 1


Ruth Flett


VIC Melbourne


Lilian Boulton

Country/Place where quilt was made: 



1921 - 1940


Quilt is made of wool tailors' samples, each measuring 6 x 3 1/2 inches. The colours are predominantly navy and grey. Most pieces are striped but some more distinctly than others. Both sides are made of samples, one side being mainly grey and the other almost exclusively navy. There doesn't seem to be another layer of material as padding. There is no added decoration. Made on a treadle sewing machine. 1703 x 1423mm

General Pattern:

Patchwork, Typically Australian, Tailors' samples

Quilt History:

Made by Mrs Lilian Boulton, Condobolin (NSW). Owned by her daughter Ruth Fleet.

Story of Quilt:

"My mother was born on 11/12/1896 so would have been 100 years old this year. She was a keen needlewoman & enjoyed competition in local shows etc." Letter from Ruth Fleet: "You ask whether the quilt was in general use on beds in the house at Condobolin - I think it was used more as an optional extra, & is in very good condition. As to where my mother got the tailor's samples - as I recall it she found them in a strange old shop in Condobolin - known as Old Bill's Junk Shop to all and sundry. She was quite excited at her discovery & had plans for it at once. It was a time of 'make do'. There was always a section in the local show schedule for the best article made from a sugar bag!"

Additional Quilt Images:

Quilt Image No 2

Contextual Images:

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Mrs. Lilian Boulton

House in Condoblin


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